VAIN© Coaching was developed as a Coaching Program for VA Business Success. 

The Program is purpose built for Executive and Personal Assistants (EAs and PAs) who are wanting to transition seamlessly into their own VA business and DISCOVER THE AUTHENTIC VA WITHIN.   


The Program is designed to support YOU and be there for you while you move into your exciting new business.


The Program is also perfect for VAs who want to take their business to the next level! 

You are coached by Ingrid Bayer who has a background of over 25 years admin experience, including setting up her very successful VA business in 2008 which she continues to operate.  


The coaching you receive is up to the minute, current and totally relevant to the industry today.

The Coaching Program

Our Coaching Program is designed to meet your need.  We take time to custom fit a solution that will work for you.


Our motivation is to see YOU achieve success! 


How it Works:

Session 1 - Free Introductory Session:  Your Background - Establish Coaching Objectives

After your introductory session, we design a Coaching plan to suit your unique needs.

For existing VAs, this may mean you only require 1 or 2 sessions - that's totally fine.

If you are brand new and want to get started, we recommend the complete 12 sessions, or alternatively you may want to do our EA to VA Startup Program.  However, the choice is yours!


Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, or closer together depending on your needs and availability.




Coaching Outline:

Listed below is our basic coaching outline. 


Important to note that this will vary depending on your identified needs as discussed and outlined in the Free Introductory Session and / or during the program itself.

For VAs who are already established but wanting to move to the next level, these sessions will be customised to suit your need. 





Part 1:  Intro and Background

Part 2:  Identifying your Strengths and Challenges in your VA Business

Part 3: Define your VA Business

Part 4:  Your Shopfront

Part 5:  Business Documents

Part 6:  Resource and Technology Business Checklist

Part 7: Contingency Planning for Your Business

Part 8:  Your Transition Game Plan



Part 9:  Attitude / Aptitude

Part 10:  Excellence in Virtual Communication

Part 11:  Time Management for Virtual Operators

Part 12:  Building Your Business using Effective Networking Techniques

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