• Melissa Patterson

Melissa's story | Episode 03

In this episode of Futureproof Your Career Podcast, Melissa is going to share her rocket fuel story. Like mostly everyone else, Melissa started as an employee and then decided to start her own business while being a single parent. It’s a story that a lot of people resonate with and one that will surely inspire you in one way or another.

In this episode:

  • Melissa’s single parenting rocket fuel.

  • The backstory of her personal and professional life.

  • How she discovered Ingrid and the VA Institute.

  • Talking about the things that annoy her.

  • Her motivation and drive.

  • Melissa shares more about her family and pets.

  • Her catalyst for getting started in her business.

  • How her business has changed since she began.

  • Last thoughts from Melissa.


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