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VA Institute has developed programs for new and established VAs which are designed to support you in your business journey, and ultimately put you on the path to excellence in all that you do.

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Back to Basics - VA Reboot Workshop

Duration - 6 hours delivered over 2 online one-on-one sessions

Do you feel like your VA business is stuck in a rut?  Have you lost that ‘loving feeling’ for your business?   


This is the perfect reboot for your business. 


Together we draw a line in the sand, re-set the goal posts, and get you back on track.


You’ll walk away with a clear plan and new vision, feeling totally reinvigorated and ‘in love’ with your business!

Pedal to the Metal - VA Business Planning Strategy Workshop

Duration - 3 hours delivered over

2 online one-on-one sessions

Are you a new VA and feeling totally lost when it comes to planning, goal setting, and marketing your business?

This 4 hour workshop is designed to demystify and simplify the process around planning, goal setting and marketing.

Together we take it back to the basics, and set your VA business up for success and winning!

Show me the Money - VA Pricing, Fees and Payment Strategies

Duration - 1 hour online

one-on-one session

Are you unsure about how to correctly package or price your services and fees?

Are you confused about hourly rates, retainers, packaging, and / or what is appropriate for your business?

In this workshop, we take a close look at pricing and packaging in a whole different light.

You'll walk away feeling amazed, inspired and energised - ready to drive your business to success!

How to Deal with Difficult Clients

Duration - 1 hour online session

For many new (and even established) VAs, dealing with difficult clients can be something that totally catches them unprepared.

We work through some great strategies together which are designed to mitigate the risk of this arising, and to deal with it in a positive way if it does!

Positioning yourself as "The Expert"

Duration - 1 hour online session

One of the benefits of becoming a VA is the opportunity to specialise or "niche" into an area that you're skilled at, and that you love doing.

In this session, we work together to uncover your niche or specialty, and develop a strategy around positioning yourself as "the expert"

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